1. Rent Due
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Rent Due

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Nigga the rent's due
fuck you and who you with and if it offends you
I dont like niggas and dont like to pretend to
the dessy let loose and drop a nigga but meant to
if we never put in work together, I cant connect you
I just need a bad bitch with me I can connect to
with a couple drinks and some other things to connect through
fuck your plans, nigga, my nigga, you better have dental
when i run into you niggas, should have said what you meant to
niggas try to run like if I'm going to let you
but that eagle fly like its trying to impress you
and that snotty nosed shotty sneeze on niggas and bless you
bullets tear your back up and they exit your chest wounds
then we'll find wherever the paramedics will send you
strangle niggas up with the tube they used when they fed you
and its funny to me but it aint a joke when I tell you, nigga
nobody like you, but you niggas aint special
and i act like I'm that nigga because it only makes sense to
i will break whatever dirty bitch that you standing next to
try to fuck when she get back and shorty dont even let you, nigga
niggas too sentimental
niggas only move and do what your girl will let you, nigga
only time you can ever ascend to
the heights that i reach is if i need to end you
praying to the God that sent me to get you
pilin bodied body by the body everybody that left you
trying to get every one of yall like niggas collect you
cant nobody stop me doing what i'm alleged to
I bless bitches and make bitches regret you
why, 7 will bring out your bitche's potential
and when I said fuck niggas i meant you
nigga, yes you, this is how the BX do